輝念了崔遍匈 >> 返遊議垢殻頼撹朔,厘断繍肇俚邪.議哂猟鍬咎 ,戦中... >>

返遊議垢殻頼撹朔,厘断繍肇俚邪.議哂猟鍬咎 ,戦中...

低挫 I was going to ask him to help me today, it unfortunately, he was on leave. ~泌惚低範辛厘議指基萩式扮泣似‐寡追葎諾吭指基/梓泥~ ~返字戻諒宀壓人薩極嘔貧叔得勺泣‐諾吭/軸辛。 ~低議寡追頁厘念序議強薦~~ O(”_”)O芝誼挫得才...

___Do__ you __go___ ___on__ _vacation____ next week?

頁喇噐厘恷除俚邪。 鍬咎 Because of my recent vacation

I`m so sorry for missing your email as I had a holiday last week.

I will be on business on 3rd and 4th of March, i may not be available on phone, anything important please contact me by email, thanks

Due to our administrative leave this week, so the door/gate cards will be applied for and issued next week.

Have a good holidays! Wishes you to have a happy vacation! best wishes for you holidays!

苧晩から3繁とも俚みに秘りますので、 お返方をおかけしますが、 苧晩帛までに潤惚鳩範をご頼阻するようお垳いできませんか ps債稱巴爺蝕兵俚連珊頁朔爺蝕兵俚連臣爺蝕兵俚連奕担珊斑繁社苧爺和怜岻念指基。

音辛參哘乎頁we are having holidays these days. 賜 We are on vacation these days. 宸戦 頁音嬬喘those議

Dear Li, As 2008 year end audit is approaching, we will arrange an inventory count in relation to Tianjin Warehouse on 29th Dec (Monday) as discussed over the phone. Please prepare in advance and I will send the contact details...

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