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手头的工程完成后,我们将去休假.的英文翻译 ,里面...

手头的工程完成后,我们将去休假。 英文翻译:Once the project in hand finished, we will take time off.

I‘m so sorry for missing your email as I had a holiday last week.

___Do__ you __go___ ___on__ _vacation____ next week?

I will be on business on 3rd and 4th of March, i may not be available on phone, anything important please contact me by email, thanks

1、用现在完成时,表明说话人已经这么做了: I have had to put off my vacation to the next. 当然也可以用一般现在时: I have to put off my vacation the the next. 2、推迟,也可以用 postpone;假期,也可以用 holiday I have to postpone...

是由于我最近休假。 翻译: Because of my recent vacation

这周休假,待下周上班再与您联系This week next week, to work again with you

你好,可翻译为:Because they will have a holiday next week.满意请速速采纳,谢谢合作!

Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office, with [limited] [no] access to e-mail。 英语(English)作为世界通用语言,是联合国的工作语言之一,也是事实上的国际交流语言。英语属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族下的西日耳曼语...

前几天我在休假。 翻译为英文是: I was on vacation in the passed few days .

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