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TAkE timE oFF work?请假?

Take time off work?== take a day / two days off work----请假休息一天,两天 ask for leave-----请假 ask for sick leave----请病假

① 我想请个假 ? >> May I ask for a leave? 这句话不太用到。我目前在单位里实习,还没有见过谁用过这个词。 这里的单位,有谁请假都会用一个缩写词 PTO / personal time off. 例如,I'm taking a PTO tomorrow / taking a PTO today. 然后这...

休息几天吧 请假是ask for...days leave

have two weeks off or; have two weeks' leave Take time off 是自己可以有选择的决定休假(自顾人士 / 老板 或是私人在进行一项工作时(写作或任何行为)决定休息一段时日) Ask for leave 要求休假 (是员工身份)

请假:have a holiday ; ask for leave 下班:go off work ;be off duty;加班:work overtime ;work extra hours

ask for a day's leave ask for a day off leave是名词;off是副词

last sundy i worked overtime,so I want to take a day off tomorrow. take a day off,就是调休的意思。

举例说明: 请两周的假: have two weeks off or; have two weeks' leave

1 你请了几天假 ? How many days do you take a leave ? 2 你向谁请的假呢? From whom did you get the permission of your leave ? 3 他向总经理请了3天假 He got three days off from his general manager. 4 你打算向你的老板请几天假? Ho...

I will be busy with something on Monday and take a day off, thanks. 如果想突出请假:I would like to take a day off on Monday , because I will be busy with something.

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