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grEEt 过去式

greet 英[gri:t] 美[ɡrit] vt. 打招呼; 欢迎,迎接; 致敬,致意; [例句]She liked to be home to greet Steve when he came in from school. [其他] 第三人称单数:greets 现在分词:greeting 过去式:greeted过去分词:greeted

greet KK: [] DJ: [] vt. 1. 问候,迎接,招呼[(+with)] She greeted her guests at the door. 她在门口迎接客人。 She greeted him with a smile. 她微笑着跟他打招呼。 2. (以特定方式)接受;对...作出反应[O][(+with)] They greeted her speech ...

1.depend 过去式:depended 现在分词:depending 单三:depends chatted chatting chats 3.accept accepted accepting accepts 4.wrap wrapped wrapping wraps 5.break broke breaking breaks 6.receive received receiving receives 7.gree...

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